I have no idea if I’ll become wealthy or well-known

Does writing an autobiography even matter?uncertainty permeating every aspect of lifeGPS tracking is not available without itYou can never predict what may occur in your life nextIt’s quite erraticThe clear memories of the past sour, cold, sour, bitter, and sweetI just desire to record every aspect of my life in my notebookI want my life to serve as an example for young childrenPick up some crayons and coloured pencilsLet’s begin completing the notepadLet’s think creatively and produce something spectacularThe notebook appears to have a day on each pageOnce written, it cannot be changed or revised

I have no idea how many pages are in the notebookHow tragic is life?Let’s be positiveThe day was winding downIt appears like I am thinking about an idealised existenceFinally, I believe that everyone can write an autobiographyOur lives can all serve as an inspiration to others
~Garima Misra 
Bhubaneswar, India

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  1. Sai Soumya Shant Padhan

    Well articulated👏