Rendezvous With the Nature

by Sarita Rana

It was a dream come true experience. We have shifted recently to Chandigarh, a new place and busy with all hazels, up and down for settling in. We got our kid’s admission to one of the nearest schools, he adjusted well to the environment and liked his school. My husband too started to go to his office, though now he has to drive for an hour and a half each day to and fro, unlike before but he seems to enjoy the daily adventure as he is fond of driving. House is settled and still struggling to settle all leftovers.

It was a Diwali celebration in a new house and a new place. It was a pleasant one as our neighbors and old acquaintances helped to feel the warmth of being accepted at a new place. What else we would have expected in more.

Today, the day after Diwali, we just made up our minds to do a little bit of an excursion to nearby Siswan lake. Siswan lake dam is located in the Mohali district of Punjab, on the driveway from Chandigarh to Baddi road. So green and calm. We crossed the dam bridge and looked for somebody to collect information about the place. Failed to get any assistance as it was very early in the morning that too after Diwali night so it was obvious to expect anyone, but followed the signboard which explained that there is a walk-through and cycle trail of about 6.5 km. what to do next, without any second thought we geared up our foot to the trail.

It was just amazing; we were on the jungle trail which we were looking forward to for such a long time. The sounds of different birds, crickets, and other insects were so mesmerizing. There were some guiding signboards along the trail, we came across some medicinal plants like Justicia Adhatoda (adusi), neem, tinospora cordifolia (giloe), Senegalia catechu   (khair), basil, snake plant, cactus, dense grasses, Indian rosewood (sheesham) etc. There were some sitting/ resting huts and watch towers. The trail was looking so adventurous that we didn’t mind how far we had already walked.

While walking along the trail, there was only one thought in my mind, why the world has developed so much…., what is the need for such huge development, when often we rush to green nature to seek peace. The silence of the jungle was interrupted by the different sounds of various kinds of insects. To be more precise this interruption was so pleasing to the ears. These experiences while walking were just like a yogic meditation, you may say an act of detoxicating the mind, the soul, and the body.

My son too loved the walk, it was so much to expect of him but the most amazing fact was that he too was a strong companion through the walk of 6.5 km up and down as he is only seven years old which was more than enough, he offered. So, we decided to turn back after completing a walk of about 3.16 km along the trail. We walked down for 2 km and found a shelter hut. We rested for 30 minutes, getting ourselves refilled and refreshed.

There was a boating facility in the calm water of Siswan lake. To our surprise, it was a paddling one, environment-friendly so we opted. We three boarded the boat, with the cozy sun of early winter, the boating was a soothing experience. My son took the paddle and he drove the boat quite a distance. Later we had tea and sandwiches at the cafeteria. We enjoyed our first nature excursion in a new place and drove back home. It was a wonderful day at last.

Expecting such experiences in the future too and surely share them with all.

About the Author:

Sarita Rana is a mother, a housemaker & works as freelancer teacher. She is a nature lover, optimistic, and likes travelling and reading.

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