Value of Punctuality towards Positive Participation in Progressive Activities

by B.H.S. Thimmappa

Punctuality is the habit of doing our duties on time and respecting our commitments. It is good quality and saves much of our time. Many things can be done within a short time if we are punctual. A student who observes time is called a punctual student. The students have to attend school on time, and a punctual student does his/her duties on time. He/she is never behind time and finishes all the academic work on time. Everybody loves and likes such students as they excel in their studies. Those students who do not observe punctuality cause indiscipline in the education system. It is even more important in the higher education system because late entry into the classroom can distract a serious lecture and disturb classroom discipline.

Punctuality is the soul of business and is a business virtue. Shopkeepers have to open their shops on time. The staffs in educational institutions have to open offices and classrooms well in time. We have to reach the railway station or bus stop in time to catch the train or bus. It is better to put on wristwatches to exercise punctuality. For a punctual person, side attractions are less critical, and duty is essential. Being punctual helps us to complete tasks way ahead of the deadline. It helps us in our progress, and we can achieve success in life. We will never find a punctual person who is constantly lagging in his performance or lacking in intellectual qualities. The nation gets profits from the services of those who are punctual. Therefore, everybody must be punctual in their everyday lives to make the country progress. The timely discovery of vaccines and drugs, especially with new and more dangerous diseases like covid-19 spreading across the world, help save millions of lives.

Time is precious for all of us. We have to realize that time and tide wait for none.  There is a saying, ‘stitch in time saves nine.’ Therefore, if we take our food punctually, we will never be sick. We then do not have to spend money on medicines and doctors. This straightforward principle applies well in our daily activities and all other special cases. Those who are regular and punctual are always successful in life. The people who have become significant in their lives are very punctual. It is, therefore, necessary to be punctual in every walk of life. We should acquire this habit of punctuality early in life. It is even better to make punctuality a lifelong habit. This good habit makes all regular in their duties and activities. We have to ask a person who missed the train, who just avoided an accident, or who won a silver medal in the Olympics, respectively to realize the value of one minute, second, and millisecond. One who loses time loses an opportunity and proves to be a great loser in life. It is essential to cultivate the habit of doing everything at the proper time, using our instinct, intelligence, and experience.

The essential steps for effective time management in an organization include having a long-term vision, prioritization, scheduling, delegation of responsibilities, productive meetings, and effective communication. It is better to avoid stress, procrastination, interruptions, multitasking, and perfectionism to save time. It is important to show consideration for others by being prompt and responding in a timely way. The benefits of being punctual include reduced stress, improved self-esteem and confidence, more productivity and balance in life, and achievement and success in life. The bottom line is loud and clear. The importance of punctuality can never be overemphasized. The value of punctuality towards positive participation in life takes a person to greater heights. We need to take care of the ABCD of punctuality management seriously to make positive participation in progressive activities.

About the Author:

B.H.S. Thimmappa is a writer from Udupi, India

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