The Shopping Spree

Autumn is here,

the leaves are falling,
the sky bathes in blue,
the catkins have grown
in the green lush fields,
beside the lake,
beneath the trees.
The breeze blows gently,
they flutter and dance
with sprightliness!
The day ended,
the early evening set in,
I was returning
from the work!
The bus stopped
at the crossing,
I took a look –
The busy street,
the busy people,
shouted and bargained,
purchased and gained!
The shopping spree,
the smiles,
the yells,
the mother is coming
to her home,
after a year
to celebrate the moments,
beyond the drops of despair,
beyond the grains of dejection!
The bus moved
slow and fast,
reached destination
of my delight and choice!
Chalked out the plans,
completed the task.
Surfed and chatted,
a whale of time
I desired,
I embraced,
I relished!!
                                   ~Kunal Roy
                                 Kolkata, India

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