The Mermaid

As she rubbed her body over mine,  

I asked, “What are you doing?”

She smiled and said, “Warming up a bit.

It’s chill outside, and it’s chill within.

How do you feel?”  

“I am feeling warm”. I replied.


Locking her fingers, I wanted to know,

Where I was if I was not in my home.

Pressing my hands, she said,

“For too long you stayed inside,

Abstained from the modest pleasure of life, but

Now you are out.

Do you feel good?”

“I feel lively,” came out of me.


Securing my hands around her, I asked,

“Who are you, with such a mellifluous voice?”

She laughed and said it did not matter,

As I resumed my new life.


I insisted on knowing, and

I learnt,

She was once a stunning mermaid,

Who sat by the river each full-moon night, and

Watched me over; but

As the river dried up,  

She crept into my hut

As my truthful maid.


~Arun Kumar Sahu

New Delhi, India

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