The Legend of Shri Krishn

Supreme Godhead, Lotus-eyed;
Krishn, Kanha, Kanhaiya, Govind;
Innumerable names, a reason for all;
Roamed all over,
Established Kingdom in Dwarka,
Eighth Reincarnation of Vishnu!
Revered by Hindus as “Vishnu” Godhead,
Worshipped in His lifetime,
Born on ‘Shrawan Krishn Paksh Ashtami’,
Rohini Nakshatra’ in the Sky,
At midnight, 5248 years ago!
Under utmost difficult circumstances,
Was born in captivity in Mathura!
Of Tyrant brother of Devaki!
Kans’ kills all but the Eighth child!
Devaki, Vasudeva’s Eighth child was He,
Spontaneous unlocking of doors,
Dead at night, He was outdoors!
Keeps date of killing “Kans-Mama
As foretold in an “Aashvani”!
‘‘Narayan’’ born!
The river Yamuna in Spate,
Thus began ‘His’ journey,
From ‘Golok’ to ‘Gokol’,
An exemplary life, He lived;
Under care of foster parents,
Yashoda, Nand Baba of Gokol,
A ‘Karmyogi’, subject of discussions,
Taught its value to the mortals!
Known and worshipped as ‘Radhe’,
Radha-Lakshmi’, lifelong association;
The Flutist of the times!
Played ‘Raas-Leela’ with Gopi’s,
Divine dance of love and devotion!
Sneaking Gopi’s out of households!
Dead at night in Vrindavan,
As the folklore continues,
Protected natives, lifting “Govardhan Parvat”;
Worshipping it instead of “Indra”,
Infuriated Indra, King of Heaven, Rain God;
Torrential rains followed, flood all over;
Recognizes Krishn as Vishnu, bows, withdraws!
Used Sudarshan Chakra,
Wheel of Carriage”, “Wheel of Time”!
Representing auspicious vision,
The fiercest form of ‘Vishnu’!
Held in the rear hand of ‘Vishnu’,
To kill evil forces of the time,
Used for establishing ‘Dharma’,
‘His’ cherished goal,
‘Himself’ killed only four!
Chanoor, Kans, Shishupal, Dantavakra
The four evil forces of the times!
Peace and ‘Prem’-Divine love,
The keywords, close to Krishn,
Prophecies and outcomes, he knew;
Labelled Ranchhod, as He left the battlefield;
To save the natives of the land!
Jarasandh coined so;
A powerful, evil ruler of Magadh;
Avoids him and Kalayavan of Mathura!
Had Kalayavan cleverly eliminated by Raja Muchkund,
Woken from slumber in the cave,
Kalayavan faces his wrath!
Fiery eyes of Muchkund falls on Kalayavan,
Fiery rays emanating, burnt him alive!
Reserves slaying Jarasandh for another time,
Taken on by ‘Bhim’, sometimes later;
As Jarasandh repeatedly comes alive,
With torn halves reuniting!
Krishn signals Bhim to throw the parts across!
Mitigates the burden of Bhim,
As the unbeatable laid slain!
At the behest of Krishn,
Bhim comes good again!
Draupadi, Wife of Pandavas,
Sakhi of Krishn, tore piece of her Sari-Pallu;
Dresses, bleeding index finger of Krishn,
Hurt, receiving Sudarshan Chakra!
Remembers, returns the favour;
Lengthens robes in “Chirharan Episode”,
Hearing her prayers remembering Him,
In the August gathering of Elders, King and Queen;
Infamous episode ordered by Duryodhan,
Carried out by Dushasan,
None helped but Krishn, then in Dwarka;
In a flash reaches out to her in Hastinapur,
Immeasurably lengthens her Sari,
Helps keeping her covered!
Prevents disrobing, a certain humiliation;
Evil designs of Kauravas, thus defeated;
Subserves, three Godly powers-
Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent!
Worthy of being worshipped as Bhagwan!
An episode, several thousand years later!
Saves the famed, mystic poetess, Mira;
Married to Bhoj Raj, Scion of The Rana’s of Mewar!
Protects repeated attempts on her life!
Mira finally leaves the World in 1547!
Merges with Krishn idol, her final abode!
Never shied taking a fight,
Encouraging to fight for ‘Rights‘,
Chief architect of Mahabharata,
Blew ‘Panchjanya’, declared the war,
Declares start of Kalyug,
For victory of good over evil,
Narrated Gita to Arjun, battle shy;
Shy of picking arms against teachers, brothers!
Learns lesson taught by Krishn,
Before starting the war,
That Soul never dies,
Changes its clothes, renews itself;
Krishn picked up Wheel of Chariot,
Against rampaging, valiant warrior Bhishm,
Showing ‘His’ immense strength and anger,
Did not use it against him,
Kept ‘His’ vow taken in the epic war!
Would not use arms, prefers being Parthasarthy;
Another name for riding chariot of Parth,
Parth-Arjun, much favoured friend;
War lasting eighteen days in Kurukshetra’,
Wiping out the evil forces that existed, then;
Jaydrath, chased by ‘Arjun’ with ‘Krishn’ on the Chariot,
Racing against time, Arjun’s eyes on Sun,
Vows to kill him before the Sunsets!
The task made difficult,
A vow taken in anger, in haste!
Krishn’s help does it again!
Sky darkens, as Sudarshan Chakra covers Sun;
Mimicking sunset to mortals!
As ‘Chakra-beholder’ removes it in time,
Guides Arjun to kill Jaydrath, out in open!
Reminds remorseful Arjun, his goal!
Fulfils the vows, shows the target;
Jaydrath’s head, in time;
As the Sun is out there, shining;
Arjun holds his ‘Gandeev’, aims, lets arrow go;
The head that flew,
That fell on his father’s lap;
In penance far away!
Killing the evil and its creator, together;
Saves Arjun from certain death!
Remote hand of Bhagwan Krishn, foreseen;
Abhimanyu’s killing thus avenged,
Victory of good over evil, once again!
Attaining the purpose of coming on Earth,
Living fruitful 125 years!
Keeps a date with destiny!
His moving feet that shone like eyes of a deer,
Gets hunted upon by a hunter, Jara!
Apologetic Jara, a rebirth of Bali!
Avenges his killing by Ram,
Reincarnation of Krishn;
Hit by the hunter in hiding,
Evil removed then, now hit,
Fulfils wishes of Bali;
An arrow piercing his feet,
Leaves the World, 3102 BCE!
A legendary figure worshipped!
Since time immemorial!
An astute statesman, politician;
A friend, remover of evils,
Continues to guide the World till date,
His messages even more relevant today,
On the edge of ‘Third World War’,
Would it guide the men in time?
Before another tragedy that may rock the World!
Prevent holocaust his keyword,
His talks to iron out differences-
Before it is late!
Mahabharat, isn’t a fiction or a tale!
A final culmination of greed and ego,
End of “Dharma-Yudh” fought to gain ‘Rights’,
Reasons to fight narrated as ‘Gita’,
Krishn to Arjun shying away from War,
Its narration continues till date!
Of the War that took place in Kurukshetra,
Thirty-six years before ‘He’ renounced the World,
At 89 fit to destroy the evil!
Possessed all sixteen qualities in one mortal,
Making him Supreme God-head!
The Supreme God-head, ‘Vishnu Himself’
 ‘Krishn’ lives on amongst the mortals,
Worshipped with reverence till date!
~Dr. Rajesh Chauhan
New Delhi, India


  1. Hritik Rohilla Rajput

    Hmmm Very Nice 🤗

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    Good , racy and very accurate
    Thanks for the beautiful narrative Dr Chauhan

  3. You clearly explained the legend of Lord Krishna, keep it up 👍🌹🌷💐🌺

  4. Excellent whole Krishna Mahabharata Gita and His teachings explained in simple ways
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  5. Anita Kushan Singh

    Very beautifully written poem. Speaks volumes about the glories of The Supreme Personality of Godhead -Shri Krishn. He is the fountainhead of all the incarnations and has unlimited numbers of qualities.

  6. Beautiful recitation of events . Children will also learn from it

    • Dr. Rajesh Chauhan

      These are known details coming in serials and available in written in scriptures. This poem is intended to create interest in select group who may encourage and inculcate in their children to read and know of the glorious past. Details on the dates is available that makes the events to be true and not merely myths. This may also help in the spiritual growth so important to develop positive thinking!