Sweet Home

The mountains in the far East are appalling;They constantly reminded me of my sweet home calling.My home is concealed behind that mountain,But I vividly remembered the downtown.The wind from the East brought a message for me;It is a long time since I fled her.Though I have lived physically apart,Emotional connection is something that I never averted.It is as good as I see through the big mountains,And I see her every day with a smile in the fountain.I  see her every morning with the rising Sun,With abundant smiles nothing to shun.While I am away, I kept listening to her heartbeat,And ensured that my heart beat together albeit.Every night, I kept watching over through the shine of a Moon;Singing a prayer of hope to meeting you soon.Until I reached my sweet home,I kept looking at the mountains and waited for the East wind.No home garnered more joy than a sweet home;It is the ultimate source of inspiration and happiness at its epitome.I wish she kept sending gifts of affection,And I shall return a bounty of love in appreciation.As long as the mountains remained there,And the East wind kept coming, the sweet home shall forever remain in my heart.
~Yeshi Nidup

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