She Smiles From Door to Door

A seedling as grows

Leaf from leaf, stem from stem

Has our India been cultivated

Person from person, ideas from ideas

Nurturing nourishing every now and then

Rises, heightens, blossoms, ripens

Spreads over into a magnificent tree

She creates a pleasant ambiance

Our bright-faced simply dressed India she is

She smiles from door to door


She witnessed cold-hearted devastations

She blessed her blood-sweating sons

In her breathing soul, she kept the hope alive

In her beating heart, she kept the courage ablaze

Staring blankly in dismay and despair

The flickering lamp she held while wishing to be set free

Arousing spirit in folks, she broke, got up

As a phoenix, she rose from her own ashes

Against all odds, she stood firm as a tree does

She saw downfall, chaos, and victory too

She smiles in her meadows yellow, skies dark

She smiles from door to door


The Everyman and Nobody share the same roads

As the Noble-borns do

Sharing dust and dirt, the unfair strife

And the milky mist too

The general men toiling hard too are kings

The sprouting kids too own voices

Amidst hard and gentle scenes, together we rise

In this people’s kingdom, “We stand united”

Welcoming new knocking ideas for us to prosper

She smiles from door to door


The echo from her bosom shouts

We were, we are and forever will be!


~Aditi Nayak

Balasore, India

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