Rekindle Love!

Before I let go of you
One last time, say you love me
I’ll cherish it forever, hold it to my memory.
We both knew it wouldn’t last
We won’t grow old together hand in hand
Yet we endured our star-crossed destiny.
Because didn’t give up before our defeat.
That would have been an insult to our journey.
The evil scent of broken hearts
Pounding to the shore
Waves collage with
Tears of salt.
Sweep the sands evermore.
Seagull’s tone the firmament
With cries of
Agony galore
Oceans swept of
Viper lies
That go beyond the shore.
The sudden gust of wind
Rekindle the flame to life
Now I have it back
As I look in your eyes.
If one day, you wonder
I never stopped loving you
I just learned to do it in sea roaring silence.
~ Monalisa Parida

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