Part of Nature!

You’re a part of nature too
And kindness is only valid if eaten RAW
And that bird you just saw
Had its wings sawed off
Remember you are a part of nature too!
You too can paddle through the waters of arctic’, there you’ll see the flowers of hydrangea and an orchid mellow garden,
the faucet is running! Won’t you try to Stop it?
Remember you’re a part of nature too!
The sewers are too filled with white roses;
And the white roses belong to you,
The golden clock is soon going to hit it’s golden hour!; Don’t miss the chance once you have it: because, hell is not always the best to create a nest in!
Remember you’re a part of nature too!
If you pick the flowers of marigold! which were sown by them in your soil because not everything good-looking is always nice! Don’t be such a fly and allow the spider to eat you alive!
~Hushmeet Singh
Jalandhar, India


  1. Proud of u my friend 💓 ❤

  2. That was really beautiful. I hope you know how talented you are. ..

  3. Gurmeet Singh. MOGA.

    Good Job … WMK

  4. Very lovely poem ❣️😚