Month: September 2022


Shadows of Another Day

by Aneeta Sharma I stare at my tormentor, the knot of fear in my stomach tightening with each passing second. ‘She was a school friend. One of the few I had. That is why I asked her to meet me’. I have repeated the same sentence so many times that […]


A Sea

I am in a shore,Near a sea of a thousand thoughts,The sea is as deep as my heart’s core,And nervousness I have got                                            The sea which I can see […]


Thinking Critically is Crucial

by Gaurav Ojha As human beings, we all think and to think seems so obvious to us, as we have thousands of thoughts emerging and subsiding inside our heads. But we are not clear in terms of how we construct our thoughts, how we derive conclusions and assert our claims, […]


The Mermaid

As she rubbed her body over mine,   I asked, “What are you doing?” She smiled and said, “Warming up a bit. It’s chill outside, and it’s chill within. How do you feel?”   “I am feeling warm”. I replied.                     […]

Thousand Words

Northern Mockingbird

by Hema Ravi from India ‘This is a mockingbird,’ my husband said, just as he was capturing the pictures of the passerine bird on his mirrorless camera. Mockingbirds are so called because they mimic the songs of other birds, the sounds of insects, amphibians, and others. Wonderful actor! I thought […]


तस्वीर मेरे चांद की…..

नींद कहां आयेगी जब, रात है खुमार की पालकों की पालकी में उतर आई, तस्वीर मेरे चांद की….. होश में आने की यारों, हिदायत कैसे करे असर कि उनकी हंसी में है मानो तसीरें शराब की…. चलती हूं तो रास्ते ही बातें करते अब तो मुझसे, हाथ पकड़ ले जाते […]


Give It a Try

Hello friends Hope your day well went Unlike me who didn’t get up from bed So if you’re like me Take this as a motivation Get up & Give it a try Make use of your day, be constructive And do something productive Which you’ll cherish your whole life Because […]


Silver Lining

I was happy, hearing a merry tune, Till the fall of the moon. That dark day came really soon, When I failed and was forlorn. I wish I had a boon, And the powers, By which there would be only happiness, success and flowers, In this world of ours. I […]