Month: September 2022


Introverted Mind

Here is an introverted mind, Who says he will not shine                                                         Being an introvert is a power, Life will make you a […]


The Fragrance of Solitude

The fragrance of solitude is addictive. Like petrichor emanating from the sodden earth. The fragrance of solitude is moreish. Rote learning the semantics of wilderness with precision. The fragrance of solitude is delectable, licking monsoon stains from tired palms. The fragrance of solitude is wistful, remembrance pouring from frigid veins. […]


The Memories of Tomorrow

How could you forget the memories we made, The kisses we shared and the foundation we laid, When all I can think about is the love I adored, And the times I gave you all I could afford.                         […]


Corruption and Towers

by the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal On the 28th of August, The Twin Towers built by the Real Estate Company Supertech were demolished, though it was made into a spectacle by the media, what this signifies is an irony of our system. Those towers were a symbol of corruption that pervades […]