I was born in this heavenly kingdom;And nurtured in the Bhutanese soil.                                                            I was raised in Bhutanese hands;By virtue, I was destined to be a Bhutanese.                                                I try to convince myself that I must have done something good in the past,For which I reap the sweetest fruit now.                                                Today, I have my own Kingdom,With all the freedom to live comfortably.                                                I can walk freely into the woods and breathe as much fresh air as I need,And refresh with gallons of pure mountain water.                                                The field is replenished with galore of foods to nourish;I have less to worry about going hungry to bed.                                                I possess everything that I expect to survive,But I may not have everything that I desire.                                                So long as I do have the energy to stand,I will keep rejoicing in the fortune that I am gifted with.                                                As long as I concede to be here,I will have more happiness and less worry.                                                However, I get to feel little pain,Which I believe is inevitable for everyone.                                                What more do I crave for,If I cannot take a single grain when I retire from this Kingdom.                                                Why do I cling so much to elements that I cannot take,Which bestows more pain and garners more distress.                                                I don’t have to wish for another Kingdom,When I already have one which furnishes everything for this life.                                                I own my life and every possession in my hand,But I must know that I cannot own it forever.                                                I was born in this heavenly kingdom,And I wish to continue to live in this heavenly kingdom until I retire.                                                ~Yeshi Nidup

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