The spirit of Onam
Reverberates in the heart, of keralites
As, zephyr carry along
The folklores of Onam.
Somewhere far away, a cuckoo sings;
The song of joy,
as the sweet smell of flowers
Lingers in the air.
Vibrant colors of flower carpets
Adorn the floors of the house,
And women draped in traditional Kerala sarees
Immerse themselves in the rhythm of
Thiruvathirakalli, singing along;
The glory, of Onam.
Children clad in onakodi,
Dart hither thither and sway in oonjal;
a swing made of rope and a wooden plank,
Tied on tree branches.
Besides, the sumptuous sadhya
Concludes the Onam.
Where finest of luscious green
banana leaves, are cut and
laid on tables and floors,
On which, delicious sadhya is served.
From papadam to payasam
The aroma and taste of sadya,
melts within
And seeds of memories sprout;
Memories of joy and happiness
Memories of love and togetherness.
Families come together reminiscing
good old memories and awaits-
The advent of the glorious king:
On whose commemoration,
Keralites celebrate Onam.
~Aparna M Suhas

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