Nani’s House

The summer crowd isThe hallmark of Nani’s houseTradition since ages continuesPlans preparedFor the whole yearChildren too enthusiasticExpecting and doing things inTheir own individual waysSome would plan forThe kites to flySome would perfect cyclingSome have to crossswimmingAt least half the huge pond

The indigenous gamesAttract more attention,As in cities they lack spaceTo live a village lifeWas a prerogative then.At the end of the dayNo child complained ofTiredness or something else

Now to have the feel of the sameRustic pleasures are bought at urbanFarm houses at exorbitant pricesAnd everyone returns homeWith exhausted body andempty purse.

~Dr. Kailash Nath Khandelwal
Agra, India


  1. Very true

  2. Beautifully penned, my very best wishes💐💐💐💐