Lessons Out of Classroom…

Choose to be positive in life,
For life is a mixture of happiness and grief,
Life is a rhythm of thy pure soul,
Embrace yourself in every warming fold.
Decide to breath and live, but not to die,
As you have dreams to catch higher than the sky,
Let you be the best of all the men,
Filled with hopes, dreams, and acumen.
Think you’re the inspiration for many more,
Learn to heal your wound in dripping pour,
Of your heart and soul to feed on,
Singing the melody of enthralling song.
Fate can’t be decided by you,
Life is so pure like a drop of dew,
Just stroll down the valley of your heart,
Squelching deep down the marshy earth.
Love and be loved for all the times,
As love brings you the best shines,
Never hide behind the clouds of hatred and ego,
For you have to be friend not a foe.
Hate thyself for your negativity,
Be a person filled with responsibility,
Sweat profusely for the sake of humanity,
Achieve the target of happiness and prosperity.
~ Bagawath Bhandari

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