In Loving Memory of my Uncle-Jeswant

In the silence of the night
When the stars twinkled, in the sky
And birds nestled,
When fantasies, ebbed and flowed
in our minds.
You exhaled, your last breath.
The soft flowing wind hung around
As we stood, in stunned silence.
Tears descended like a cascade,
As we sat beside you.
I still remember the last words
I whispered into your ears-“Get Well Soon”
And you gave a faded smile.
I stepped out of the room,
With a hope still, flickering in my mind.
Little did I know,
We were, never to meet again.
I gazed into the coffin
As you rest with a peaceful smile.
The pains of yesterday’s
Got wiped off in a flick of an eye.
My dear Jesumama…
I wish there was something
We could have done
To make you stay.
Alas! But who can restrain God’s will
And if he chose to take the best
Who knows more than Him,
That there is no one to replace you.
When the sun rises,
Things won’t be the same again
And the only thing left behind
Will be-
Your precious memories.
~Aparna M Suhas

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