Garden of Five Senses

The world perceives the human body

As a machine- ever ready

To follow what is fed into.

And keep following,

Till usable no longer.

But a poet being a different being

Lives on a planet different.

And sees the human body,

As a garden of five senses

A garden without grass

Appears rough and barren

Our skin sans the sense of touch,

Only appears as bad.

Our nose and eyes

Give us smell and sight

Just as flowers in a garden grand

Lend their fragrance,

Their beauty, worth a sight.


The garden trees, a meeting place

Of creatures of all kinds,

Just as our dear ears,

Hearing sounds numerous.

The trees bear fruits

As we taste success

Based on what we see and hear

The weed in the gardens

Plays spoilsport just as

Our diseases numerous

Hamper us in ways many

And just as the garden

Needs a gardener to flourish,

The human body,

Needs a doctor to nurse it to good health

Thus the human body,

Is the garden of five senses,

And humans, its gardners

There is albeit one stark difference,

The gardener is a necessity,

While doctors are not,

For while the humans

Can tend to themselves by themselves,

 The trees in a garden cannot.


~Siddharth Khatri


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