Fate and Love

Like the scent of fragrant roses

And the fresh breeze at the beach

He touched her delicate heart

And trapped her in the cage of love!


She wandered around the empty roads

His promises ever lingered in her ears

Oaths that comforted her to dream,

And dreams that pulled her into dreamland!


His sugar-coated words mesmerized her

And deeds enthralled her everyday

Her eyes shone like the moon in his presence

And my heart abruptly beat a thousand times!


Is love blind and a trap between the two?

I know not where her destiny truly lies in

She feared not to trod on the flowery path

Where the petals gently kiss her tender feet!


She met another amicable and loving man

He held her hands like a gardener holds a bird

She travelled with him for a few months daily

Every moment appeared precious and lovely!


She knew not that she fell in love once again

She ignored not the first one, who loved much

Unluckily, both abruptly met with an accident

Her face lost beauty, charm, and value then!


Parents accused him of the instance

And compelled him to wed her then

She uttered not a word of disagreement

Is love changeable from one person to another?


Consequences played a vital role

She could neither agree nor disagree

And is labeled as a big ‘cheater ‘

For the time that caused her fate!


She cherished the sweet memory lane

And is the loser of her precious love

She couldn’t return to him, it’s her fate,

A knife block can never hold two knives


Life is not adjustable as you say

A mismatch makes it a cruel hell

The silent soul cries for the luck

The unknown heart bleeds ever!


(Based on a true instance)


~Setaluri Padmavathi

Hyderabad, India

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