Discordance Dis-synergy All Over

Flow of energy, an action;
Cyclical in Nature, a phenomenon in itself;
A physical law follows a pattern;
Refreshes the Nature!
Applied safely in Nature,
Maintains harmony, preserves it;
Nature poised,
Confidence grows, dis-synergic forevermore!
Nature calculates disproportional energy,
Equilibrates, calibrating in unison;
On the brink of disaster, its release;
A destabilising force it is!
Stabiliser, upsets the change,
Resetting it, irrevocable is its fallout;
 Goes against will of the man, aiming an easy life;
Chief architect, works against the will of the Nature!
Energy changes its form,
Cyclical calibration, uniform its norm;
Misguided and dis-synergic,
Disequilibria spreads far and wide!
Energy released changes the norm,
Self-propagation, motive ulterior;
Outcome, so disturbing;
Hurdles created, as Nature keeps changing.
Free for all, concept of effortless gain;
The gain, nevertheless, is at a price!
Takes away freedom of mind,
Man gets enslaved!
Mind only a follower, gains only slight;
Freebies serves, creates a bond so tight;
Enslaved, a subservient, for good;
Forces to master such gains, controls!
The incorrigible, gains without a fight;
Mind unlearns, forget travails to survive;
Freebies for survival, fails to thrive;
Withdrawn, economic crisis its fallout!
Heralds’ unsocial movement,
Manipulator motivated to prevail;
Changes get so perverse, as nothing is for free;
Societies, Nations get bonded, unserved!
The concept begins to interfere, keeps hurting;
The corrupts, the unsocial, takes a big leap;
Accepting gains for free, stand gets rejected;
Law of Nature, disturbed for all times!
Natives of the land, affected, rejected;
Displaced by the high and mighty,
Annihilation grows, new order prevails;
For a while, is physics of the Societal loss!
Application of science is all over,
As the student of science takes over the reins;
Manipulates energy for self-propagation,
Dis-synergises, discordance spreads all over!
Grabbing power, an area gets corrupted;
The problem that emanates,
Spreads its wings in the region,
Slowly right across the Nation!
Invasion of social evils laid, infirmly so;
Destabilising known practices,
Wins percentage, prospers, propagates;
Weakens the Society as it disintegrates!
Discordance begins spreading its wings,
Evil practices, across the Nation, soars;
A beginning of disintegration,
Cultural, Social incoordination!
It’s realisation in time,
Identify, defeat evil designs, outright;
Strengthen moral values,
Think to stabilise, strengthens the Nation!
Dis-synergy, discordant energies, destabilises!
~Dr. Rajesh Chauhan
New Delhi, India

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  1. Apne prakriti ka bahut sacchai se bahut accha chitran kiya h ,hum sabko iski mahatta samajhni chahiye. Very good 👍👍🌹🌷💐