Broken Window

As the Sun kissed the Western sky,I watched through my broken window when a flock of birds fly.                                                              I was breathless seeing the fluorescent glow,The scenic beauty propelled my emotions to flow.                                                        I completely enjoyed the stunning twilight,As the birds tirelessly took flight.                                                        I fathom being one amongst the flock of birds,So I could steer towards my dwelling before I grow nerd.                                                        Every time, I saw the same manifestation;My heart was forever in devastation.                                                        The sky faded and the birds vanished,But I was still trailing them emotionally famished.                                                        I was transfixed for a long time, soaked in my tears;My eyes squinted toward the Western sky, anticipating my dear.                                                        I could neither see nor hear Her;I still watched through my broken window though far.                                                        When the glorious Sun kissed the broken window,I was still watching the Western sky over the lush green meadow.                                                        My eyes were fatigued and swollen;Yet, I tried until I was crestfallen.                                                        I would rather stop looking at the Western sky,And end watching the birds and begin myself to fly.                                                        There is so much beauty in imagination,But it is merely a life’s fascination.                                                        As I watch the world through a broken window,I see the broken world just like the window.
                                                       ~Yeshi Nidup

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  1. “Broken window,” so much Beauty of bravery. Loved reading your pieces 💕