“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

Appropriately said by Plato.


Beauty needs no thinking,

Our eyes feel it first,

No need to apply logic

No need to use judgement


It’s natural,  it’s instant

Its dazzling charm,

One that is attractive,


It  needs no make-up

It can’t be artificial

No need to put in hard work


See God’s wonderful creations-

Nature is full of beauty


Innumerable varieties of things

greenery, shades of flowers

and the vast surrounding


Innocence is beautiful

Like of Careless adolescent

What is pure is beautiful

Like the mother’s love


Yawning and movements

Of infant babies,

gives joy watching


Anything that appeals to our heart

Something that is extra-ordinary


Anything that is unusual and good

unseen and unexpected


grandparents’ love,

their care and small worries


Father scolding children at home,

Praising them in front of others


Friendship beyond differences

Siblings love in small fights


No need to search for meaning

Just be Joyous and fun-filled


When you look around

 with purity in your heart

You will see and find

 abundance  beauty around


~Shubhangi Kotwal



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