A Voice of Flood Girl

Oh Antonio
Did you see my world
Destroyed by mighty flood
Where is my village
Where is my home
Where is my mom
Where is my papa
Where is my bro
Where is my sister
Nothing has remained
All underwater and rain
I miss my School
I miss my fellows
I miss my Miss
Who loved me with kiss
Kiss on my cheeks
Where is my bag and books
All smashed by rain
Only water is there
Lonely water is there
I miss my little goat
I miss my pretty parrot
With whom I used to play
All that is under clay
Where is my rope
There is no hope
Did you see Moen-jo-Daro
World famous ruins
You will see some more
When the water goes to bore
New Moen-jo- Daro will appear
When water goes to disappear
I love my land
With my empty hand
I search a place for my home
With a new ray of hope
Twinkle twinkle little stars
Stars not in the skies
But tears in my eyes
Did you see my range
In the name of climate change
Nature is not angry
But I am angry with it
Why did it hardly hit
Hit on my home and land
I have a hope
To play with my rope
To play in my School
Laugh and make my fellows fool
Did you see my word
Did you see my world.
~Prof. Mushtaque Ahmed Pathan
Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan

One Comment

  1. Very Nice poetry which reflects the worst condition of flood in sindh.