A Sea

I am in a shore,Near a sea of a thousand thoughts,The sea is as deep as my heart’s core,And nervousness I have got                                            The sea which I can see is wondrously wide,The sea is really broad,I want the thoughts buried in the high tide,Are the other’s seas like mine, like two peas in a pod?                                            About something I always think,And the waves hit me hard,I wonder what is at it’s brink,I think it’s my heart’s shard
I can’t control it though it’s my own,
Thoughts are transforming into a tsunami,
In the huge waves I will drown,
Will someone save me?                                            Sometimes it’s soft and sometimes rough,The thoughts travel in a boat,To understand this is tough,You can explain it, so I wrote
~ Poorani K
Hosur, India

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