All that one sees,
Blurred reality.
When visions get monetized
Do you sell your sight
Or do you pay for it?
Feeling free in existence
Being what you are
Is a priceless effort
Convictions rule a man
Patience is a bulb of brilliance
Without the unique thoughts
What are you?
How you define the world
Is important than the world itself;
In that, you find what is dear
And make it yours.
Divided and ruled by others
Be the unseen and seen sights
Darkness if visible can
Differentiate between black and white
The light that you lit is your unending desire.
~Sushant Thapa
                Biratnagar, Nepal            

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Being oneself and different, thereby creating a new path rather than following the beaten track and reaching the destination, gives a sense of fulfillment…. it’s inspiration to aim and attain heights of success!