The Invisible

by Sai Prashanthi Neelda

Time : 11:30 pm

ORR, Hyderabad

There were so many people crowded and observing what had happened? There is a question mark on all faces, what happened? Policemen came and cleared the crowd. Because there was a death of a man who died on the road. So the police were trying to contact his family members but no one had received the call. Then they tried to bury the body. When they were making arrangements, the body suddenly disappeared even without a single piece of evidence. Everybody was shocked. There was big news on the TV channels about this, some people started commenting that this was done by aliens.

Suddenly the attention shifted toward aliens. After 4-5 days, again another man was missing after his death. His body disappeared after death. After some similar incidents happened, the officials started taking this issue seriously. Then a special team was appointed to solve this issue, who are doing all these things. The head of the team, Mr. Vikranth, a great forensic scientist and investigator, and Mr.Ram, an officer of the agency, and Ms.Kranthi, an astrophysicist and expert in extraterrestrial life. The team started working on the areas where the bodies were missing. They started collecting clues and remnants of the dead bodies but they did not get any clue. Then, Vikranth suggested waiting until next death, is the way to identify the problem. The next day, another man who had a severe brain stroke was admitted to the hospital. The team started waiting there. After some time, the doctors got information that the patient died of a brain stroke. Before the entry of doctors and the team, the body disappeared from the room. The team was shocked and stunned to know this, and they started asking questions from doctors and revealed one secret, the bodies of people who died normally, were disappearing and the bodies of the people who died in accidents and suicides were not missing.

Who is the man? Behind this. Then the team made All space stations, all extraterrestrial life experts alert and made them focus on space objects and others but everything was normal in space. So the people and others got confused because the dead bodies are still going on missing. The team became frustrated with questions from all sides. One day, a young man died, of a heart stroke. The team went there to search to get a clue. They searched each and every corner. They did not get any clue but in the corner of the bed there was a piece of cloth in red and black colour.

The team started investigating and found that this cloth is made of different types of materials and it has nothing. But after so many days, the team found that it had a pattern which is unusual. They wanted to know what is there in the pattern, and to whom it belongs. And they started searching for identification, they found that this belongs to a man who is known as a great physiologist, whose name was Mr.Vijayan who always wanted to do different things and wanted to be different. The team started thinking that it is OK if it belongs to Vijayan but how can he come and take the bodies as he died 3 years ago?

The team started to the place where lived, they started traveling to Chennai. They visited his home. They observed his labs and accessories and they found that Vijayan had a quality of experimenting with human bodies. The team started thinking that how is it possible but they felt that somebody was observing them invisibly. They did not get any clarity and went out of the home. The next day, they went to the institute where Vijayan worked. They started asking about Vijayan. Then the head of the institute told that “he had a dream of living thousands of years and his works on different animals to prolong their life. Then he started thinking about performing experiments on humans to make them live thousands of years. To achieve this, he started discovering many medicines, tablets, and injections.

One day he made one injection and told us that it will prolong the life of humans. He tried to inject it into a college student of his branch, but the boy refused to take it. There was a huge argument between management and Vijayan. Vijayan told them it will not harm anyone, but nobody had faith, then the higher authorities told that no human experimentation is allowed in the world, and warned him to stop all these experiments. He got frustrated and left the institute. When he was leaving, he challenged us that one day, he will prove that his injection will prolong his life. From that day, we did not see him. It happened three years ago we thought he committed suicide.”

Vikranth, Ram, and Kranthi became shocked and surprised to know about his thoughts. They started thinking that something had happened that night when he went home from the institute. Still, Vikranth felt that somebody was there around them and observing them. Suddenly he got the idea to establish electromagnetic sensors in Vijayan’s home and observe it from another place. He did and he observed some invisible beings roaming in the room and the team got shocked that some invisible beings are living in Vijayan’s home. Team confirmed that there is a link between Vijayan and the disappearance of dead bodies but they need to confirm this because they have observed the same pattern in the electromagnetic sensors which was seen near the dead body of a young man. Then the team planned to get a machine that can capture invisible people. They brought sensors and arranged them in their room. Vijayan came to know about all these things and tried to terrify them but they didn’t. Finally, the team went to Vijayan’s home and started asking Why sir? Why do you want to do all these things? Please answer, he didn’t give a reply then they started searching his rooms, they identified one injection which was kept open, there was a chemical and blood drops which became dry clot, present in it. They went to the lab and tested the sample. And identified that it was the blood of a person who had taken that injection.

They doubted whether Vijayan had taken that injection. They went and identified his hair particles of him, in a comb and tested for DNA patterns similarity. They found it was Vijayan’s blood and he took the injection. The team confirmed that after leaving the institute, Vijayan took that injection to himself to prolong his life,and that injection made him invisible. The team wanted to talk with him but they could not. One day by using different neutralisers they made Vijayan come to their room. And shouted to stop all these things but he told in his vibration form I will experiment with the bodies to make them alive, but still didn’t get success, all people who died are just experimental pieces for me, I will continue experimenting even on living beings too, my next step is that, be ready” and he left the place.

The team got worried about the next step he is going to take, experimenting on living beings. They informed higher authorities and the government. They started thinking about what to do next. Here, Vijayan started experimenting on humans, suddenly The people are disappearing because he is in an invisible form, and nobody could recognize him. Then an expert team got the idea to use large neutralisers or opposite radiations to the radiations of the invisible man finally, they established these radio wave frequency neutralisers to deactivate this invisible man

Slowly, the invisible man came to know these trials and by using different machines, they neutralized this invisible man and his human experimentation which is a violation of ethics and values. Science should give us prosperity and peace, not destruction of human values and peace


About the Author:

Sai Prashanthi Neelda is a student of microbiology from Osmania university. Hyderabad. He writes articles and stories on education and science and has experience of working as a moral science teacher. 

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