Sulphuric Storm

The petrichor made passerby drop-down writhing

The downpour melted the umbrellas leaving behind mere steel frames

It was rain not of lemon drops, but of a more lethal acid.

The purest form of water left-

Streamed down the cheeks of people,

As they watched Cherrapunji become a graveyard.

The Chataka’s hapless cry was heard in the background

As the showers no longer brought the blessing of life.

* Also known as the Jacobin Cuckoo, the Chataka can only quench its thirst through rainwater as it pours down from the sky.

~Manasvini Ranganathan
Bengaluru, India

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  1. Mathangi Srinivasan

    Crisp and hits the nail on the head. Send it to environmental literature site.