Resurrection to My Love!

Neither the Sun shone that day
Nor the Moon emerged that night
And the stars too didn’t sparkle
For my sky was carmine.
What will I do
In this lunatic world.
Without you!
Each day, every moment
I ask the well being
Singing the same prelude
And grope for the talks
In saturation.
O’ Love! You be the mist
To enshroud me in your duvet of love
You be that sunshine
To sparkle in my winter morns.
You be that rainbow
To shade my lacklustre soul.
Let me eternalize our love world evermore.
You dwell within me
And I exist in your being
Your intoxication I cherish
In your emanation I flourish.
Oh! My love
Try once to impoverish me
Purloining all the love
From my heart.
I am sanguine that
It will work its magic
And its redolence will capture your breath.
And you will feel suffocated without me.
But my kiss of life will revive you.
~Monalisa Parida

One Comment

  1. Love in loads unloaded to reveal how enormous its power is – to those who dared not to choose love in their life at all and so lose that great experience humans shouldn’t miss!