Try as I might

I am untouched

by their plight

the starving millions

the drowning refugees

and all the victims

of distant wars

these are no more

to me than images

on my TV screen

briefly flickering

in my brain

to be switched

off at will

“to keep me sane”

I lie to myself.

Yet in truth

I know full well

I do not want

to feel their pain

preferring to remain

enclosed within

the cocoon of my

own petty anxieties

stubbornly unempathetic

my motto being

“I may not be in Heaven

but at least I’m not in Hell.”


~Ian Fletcher

Cardiff, South Wales


  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Revelling oneself keeping eyes and ears closed quite oblivious to whatever untoward is happening to people around us is a great insult to human beings…. putting ourselves in their shoes will help reach to their rescue…

  2. Beautiful Poetry💐💐