History Historians Its Manipulations

History details are written facts,
Ancient manuscripts on “Bhoj Patra”,
A peel of bark of tree in Himalayas,
Used as paper to write and record,
Documented in local vernacular of the times,
Spread with multilingual translations, much later;
Right across the World,!
Facts posted for posterity!
Verbal transcending information’s thru generations,
Most difficult to change, facts surface;
By and large facts are true,
Not always is also true,
Vitiates associations,
History written as true, avoids myths;
Truths floated as myths, lower its value;
Manipulators changing history,
Spread canard to suit the purpose!
Hiding behind the canard, just thrive!
Manipulate untrue as truth of the past,
How wrong could it be!
Respect disregarded; motives ulterior;
Why should they do?
Alter the facts, change the truth;
Fictitious information, history changed;
Impact minds, falsehood propagates;
Until memory loses over a period,
Reflecting what is not, made to believe;
By the powerful, the sly of the times,
For people to follow a pattern,
Base the way of lives, on dotted lines;
Thoughts affected; facts re-created!
For the text has changed, sayings left;
Truth now turns into myths, untrue!
True history now untrue stories,
It’s time to upstage the untrue!
Nature’s history, its own, hard facts;
Lay buried in the layers of earth, its own;
Permanent in Nature, explored, noted;
In the air, transient change, changes its contents;
Transient then, now permanent, part of changing Nature;
Changes in Nature is recorded history,
Natural or artefact, to human activity,
To artificial mode of living of man –
Protecting self from harsh Nature!
Historical facts of the times, gone by;
Lay buried in layers of Earth!
To battles, wars, natural calamities,
Different eras on the earth recorded,
Palaeontology, fossilised facts of life on Earth;
A part of Archaeological Survey!
Earthquakes, volcanoes, asteroid impact and fires;
Changed the history of Earth, life on Earth!
Distorted history, impacts sooner or later;
Known facts ignored, get pronounced with times!
With disappearance of the generations.
Analysed later, albeit alterations and distortions.
Full-fledged War, a dispute!
Modus operandi to distort the facts!
Mighty gets it revised, as might is right;
Analysis later, of a civilisation wiped off;
Confirms it otherwise!
Just a dispute, spreading what’s untrue;
History in making, reasons known, truth lies buried;
The vicious facts tells if it was a Dispute or War!
Wiping off to getting wiped out,
Temporary erasure, now permanent!
Manipulating history considered crime!
Punishable with imprisonment!
Distortion of historical records!
Introduced negations, denialism,
Falsify-distort historical records,
Burning of books, slaughtering texts of scholars;
For its manipulated history!
Preserving history, facts need revisiting!
Undoing wrong-doings of the past,
A monumental duty, upholding it, National pride!
Imbibing history, an important possession;
Countrymen with no insight of past!
Future remains shaky, under stress;
Fail to react, as they must, preventing uninvited change!
Manipulations galore, await revisions – corrections!
~Dr. Rajesh Chauhan
New Delhi, India


  1. Harinder Singh Bedi

    Strong words

  2. Nicely explained, historians of India please take it serious.

    • Let facts be facts!
      No to strangulating truth!
      History represents happenings in fact!
      Why change it to one’s whims and fancies?

      • Dr. Rajesh Chauhan

        Really! You believe so. Don’t you believe teaching wrong concepts can bring a revolution. Vasco da Gama has been mentioned as an Explorer, as discoverer of India, but lost in history are things which he has done to betray the people of India; that he murdered and killed people on way to India. He was moving with convoy of ships loaded with arms to capture India. He ended capturing Goa which they ruled till 1962 when in one military action Portuguese were turned out . It was the mission for which he was sent by the then King of Portugal which is more important and should have been taught in the history books! Like parrots current students are speaking in favour of wrongly read concepts. I have picked up correct details gradually but this was not we were taught in text books coming out from NCERT! Till 1965 we were reafing text books written and printed in Great Britain. I still have the book with me. Rewriting correct history is not wrong but manipulating it is certainly a criminal act and punishable in many countries!

  3. Marvelous, historians please take it seriously.

  4. Dr. Rajesh Chauhan

    And “tryst with destiny” continues…! Activities in the next 50 years (that will become history then) would depict the status of the Country that is going to shape up. With governance in the best of hands, many areas are going to reshape up! May God bless the democracy in our country!

  5. Very strong message in a very literary narrative.

  6. Historical facts well explained.