Don’t Go Faraway

Don’t go faraway,My heart isn’t prepared to let you go away.
Let’s walk together through the same path;Even if it’s rough, we shall travel with mirth.We’ll hold hands and guide each other,As we have promised to be together.The destination is same;It’s only the matter of time frame.Let us not play the game of mind,And make our world blind.There is more charm living together;Life grows richer with loads of happiness to gather.We have created sweet memories;Let us sing together our life’s melodies.We won’t come here again;The truth must be chewed in disdain.
                                                         If you walk away with wrath,The journey will end with mountain of regret.Let’s have faith in our fate;And trust our heart’s rhythmic beat.Don’t go faraway,My heart isn’t prepared to let you go away.~Yeshi Nidup


  1. Beautiful Poetry, my very best wishes💐💐💐💐

  2. Congrats Sir!

  3. O K R Sivagnanam

    In togetherness lies the incredible joy a loving couple can ever hope to experience!
    Separation sounds death knell to the bond built for long!
    They deserve not such extreme punishment!