Are You Not Awake?

Oh my weary eyes ! Why are you not awake?
I know you are tired ,
These eyelashes feel the weight
Why are you so burdened?
Hush! Hush!
It’s been a long since you slept.
Ah ! These ugly sights, I know
Did it make you cry again?
Sleep! Sleep poor eyes,
Else again you will be wet.
Are you not watching your dreaming sights? where
The girls fly above the sky
The innocent heart reflects the smile
The people there don’t discriminate
Yes I know the roses out there felt so delicate
Shut ! Shut down dear eyes
The roses here has thorns to hurt
There I saw wounds deeper than a cut
Close! close dear eyes,
Let the eyelids guard you safe
This world is commencing too many mistakes
Happy I am,  that you are tired,
Can’t just let you see the burning fire
Its morning ! Shouldn’t you wake up
No ! No its dusty still ,
Better you shut up ,
Let it be dark, the nights ​
Are better for a date
Sleep ! Sleep pretty eyes
Dreams are where you can breathe.


~Rishika Marethia

Kolkata, India

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