Amid Darkness

A tiny creature arrived
No soul had a view,
mingled with the echoes of life:
Shook the throne of trust,
betrayed the faith on God!
Yet repentance,
a distant word to fathom!
Struck the chord of discordance,
bred the problem of harmony,
snuffing out the soul of millions!
The Sun still shines
out of effulgence,
the waves make a gurgling sound,
sound as a sweet note to the ears.
Yet the fear creeps into,
pervades the soul with darkness!
Stifles the voice,
the walk for eternity
continues with a pleasing domination!!
The New Year has set in,
watches out for the light
at the end of the tunnel.
If appears!
An Optimism,
incorrigible indeed!!
The dance of death is unabated:
Promises to sustain,
a lesson is taught,
divine vengeance!!
                                    ~ Kunal Roy
                                         Kolkata, India

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