Where We Live

We live in a society,

which happens to be denser with brutality and sparse in humanity.

We live amongst the mass,

which proudly flaunts crass and orient on being class.

We live abiding by the fact that the concept of working married women is abstract,

and the thought of girl education is hacked.

We live in such a contrast where employment is based on caste,

and merit is nowhere asked.

We live happily in a nation,

where corruption is a means of faster administration and ‘note-bandi’ a milestone in detoxification.

We live with such a huge population,

simply gazing at the advancement of life with alienation,

left in awe of the setup of civilization.


 If this hasn’t surprised you yet,

we also live in such profound deception

where the western culture is marked as fusion,

sexual harassment mocked being a mere addiction,

men with the power of money clench no allegation,

there is no extremity for superstition,

a girl child born is still abandoned,

children are made to marry before puberty has awakened,

dowry is quoted with more affection,

‘vote bank’ politics still a better solution and the concept of better India: our only anticipation


~Divvya Gupta



  1. Aaye congratulations!! This needed to be shared! Keep up the grind! Hope to see more of you here!

  2. Great Divvya ! You have the potential to become the finest poet.

  3. Really it’s true & you are amazing😊…. You are extremely good with words words💯…..

  4. Accurate 💯

  5. Harsh 🥲but truth being very well said by our lovely friend here ❣️

  6. Very well narrated.

  7. Lekshminarayanan V

    Superb 👏👍

    • Your Dedication, Understanding, and Time all mean so much in this Poem….Keep tt Going…👌

  8. Beautiful ♥️

  9. Awesome👍

  10. Great work Divya.. God bless

  11. The truth well written 👏 👌

  12. Wow, great Divya, very meaningful and touchy poem, your thoughts are beautiful!

  13. Wow, great Divya, very meaningful and touchy poem, your thoughts are beautiful!