Valiant Fighters and Infamous Traitors

A divided Nation for long,

Many Kingdoms thrived and gone,

Innumerable brave men ruled,

At different times in the land,

Failed to achieve that they could,

Many battles fought leaving trail of miseries!


In a vast land that existed for centuries,

A land with sacred rivers,

Despite many Scriptures and Saints,

How could it still be enslaved?

A period close to a millennium!

For many lived with ulterior motives!


Traitors were many, treason their aim;

Discreetly worked against the Kingdom,

A few were there in most Kingdoms,

Few Kingdoms survived, thrived;

There were many, important ones;

Bore the brunt of traitors, decimated- taken over!


Left the traitors, to improve, no reason;

Stood harmed, no correction, no reason;

Highly motivated to work were they, for the aggressors,

Working for greed of money!

Few for the lust for power,

Got the Kingdoms taken over!


Many Maharajas ruled the land,

Mauryan Kingdom the most famous,

Chandragupt started the empire,

Bindusara, Ashoka the Great, the successors!

Ably supported with clever Chanakya!

Ambhi Kumar King of Taxila,

Worked against King Porus,

Ganged up with Alexander from Macedonia,

Forces helped Alexander cross Indus River!


Prithviraj Chauhan and Maharana’s,

Kings of exceptional valour!

Showed valour in different eras,

Maharani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi,

Ruled and lived for her motherland,

Laid her life fighting valiantly against the British!


Remembered for the courage and valour,

Despite many valiant fighters,

Why did the people suffer in the land?

Enslaved for almost a millennium!

Alas, there were traitors all the time!


Prithviraj Chauhan, the last Hindu King of Delhi,

His elopement with Sanyogita, daughter of Jaichand;

Fiction more than a fact, story continues;

A staunch Hindu like Prithvi marrying a niece!

A sin unpardonable wouldn’t it be!

Could it ever be, so says the legends!


The King of Kannauj turned a traitor,

Invited Muhammad Ghori, an Afghan;

Undefeatable Prithvi, defeated –

In the Battle of Tarain in 1192 CE!

Prithviraj arrested, thus fell large areas of North India.


Jaichand as traitor, a myth or otherwise;

Stays till he stands vindicated,

So also, the story of Prithviraj and Sanyogita;

As narrated in Prithviraj Raso,

Jaichand stood defeated and killed by Ghori,

In the battle of Chandawar, 1194 CE!

Helped by none from far and near,

All the Kings then stood for themselves!

Invited Ghori, got killed, the story continues!

A fact not a fiction!


Many traitors followed, miseries galore;

Most notorious amongst all, Mir Jaffer;

Commander in the army of Siraj-ud-Daulah,

In notoriety, amongst World’s top seven traitors-

Mir, bribed by Robert Clive in 1757;

Offered to be New Nawab of Bengal!

It was 3000 pitied against 50000 men of Nawab,

The numbers did not matter!

Treason worked; the might of Nawab vanquished!

Stood defeated in the Battle of Plassey!

East India Company, wresting Calcutta;

Then Bengal, Rest of India followed!

Sun had set in the East, land of the biggest traitor!


Working for the aggressors!

Raja Man Singh of Narwar,

Fell over ‘Divide and Rule Policy of The British,

In lieu of return of lost property,

Invited Tantya Tope for help,

While going to sleep, had him arrested;

Handed him to The British!

Not to forget treachery of Jayaji Rao Scindia,

Favoured the wrong in the rebellion of 1857!

Helped capture of the Queen of Jhansi!

Vanquished was the hope to preserve freedom,

Britishers ruled another ninety years!


Treason against the Nation still continues!

Rewards and working for aggressors have grown,

Time to remember brave men,

Catch the traitors, prevent treason!

Pray traitors are not there anywhere,

Survival remains in jeopardy till then!


~Dr. Rajesh Chauhan

New Delhi, India


  1. Excellent, motivating and inspirational. New Mir jafers have taken birth, people talk against their own country when they visit abroad. They are willing to sell the nation if brought back to power. Should people not awaken and realize.

  2. Very nicely explained,keep it up👌🌺💐🌹☀️👍

  3. Crash course in our ( true) history!

  4. Anita Kushan Singh

    Very powerful.