Twenties: A Phase of Self Discovery

A mystifying decade

Full of ambitions, expectations, and dreams,
Your twenties,
Is a spin where you experience epiphanies, heartbreaks, and some silent screams.
Feeling every teensy thing profoundly,
You become fragile and vulnerable.
Fantasizing and losing your heart,
Secluding yourself from the realm of here and now,
At times you see life more as a fable.
You laugh out loud while making the beatific moments that do matter.
You sob and shed tears wordlessly,
Cause here you love, you fall, you doubt yourself and you eventually shatter.
But gradually,
You learn to get up, heal and fix all that is in pieces and bits.
Just as the rain and your best-loved song,
Some things are meant to end; you perceive all of a sudden when reality hits.
Perfection is only a phantasm,
You master to embrace yourself as you are.
You bloom and at the end of this roadway,
You love yourself a little too far.
Somewhere between the messy chaos and the calm,
You become what you are intended to be.
In your twenties,
You discover your true self,
Which is phenomenal as those precious pearls in the sea!!!
~Kritika Kukreja
Haryana, India 


  1. It’s so good🤌❤. I loved the way she writes this so beautifully🌸. Wish you achieve great heights.

  2. A good relatable poem for those who are in twenties,a good read.A true poem.