The Wait

The dusk descended,
The darkness fell on the ground,
The whisper of the dark green foliages,
Was heard with heed!
The language being strange –
I flunked to realise the words in them!
The conch shell was blown,
The lamp was lit before the Lord,
The music of the soul stopped,
The music of the earth continued,
The cricket buzzed,
The halogens blazed brightly,
The roads were empty,
The doors were opened wide,
I waited –
The clock ticked,
The time matured,
Moved ahead –
An urge mounted,
Ears desired to hear the knock,
Or the voice sunk below the whisper!
Never turned the person!
The dish of delight was ready,
Served hot and crispy,
No signature of the person,
I waited –
A hollow promise,
I fathomed!
I shut the doors,
Put off the lights,
Leaned back a little
Closed my eyes,
The eagerness abated,
Realisation dawned –
Solitude was the only gift,
Given to me-
None but,
The Supreme Providence!!
 ~Kunal Roy
Kolkata, India

One Comment

  1. Shubhangi Kotwal

    Beautiful poem