The Unconquerable Visions

Flashes of visions dance before her eyes
Moving like a fast forward video…
They play upon her mind
Unnerved & confused
She looks for answers
Tries to find the truth behind them
But ..
Her unanswerable queries
Remain deep seeded in her mind
Mostly they prove to be true
The visions, at times
Scare the life out of her
There’s no running away from them!
Like a hard to please life partner
They cling to her mind
Clawing it much to her disconcert
Many things…
In advance she knows
Good ones, she eagerly waits for
The unpleasant ones alarm her
She looks for solace in prayers & meditation
To her dismay it’s temporary
The moment she opens her eyes…
They seem to dangle right before her…
Gazing & provoking her
Weakly she crumbles under its strength
Pleading with it to take to wings
To her perturbation–
All her efforts in driving them away..
Strongly root them in her mind
Helplessly she looks around while
The visions enslave her
Paralyzed, she stands gaping at them..
The unconquerable visions!
~Anuradha Bannore
Jabalpur, India


  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    What we would like to forget and erase from memory comes right before us and threatens with consequences never dreamt of….
    Better blessed to effectively deal with it, and wipe it off from revisit!

  2. Thanks Mr Shivagnanam for your comment & I agree with this positive approach but at times it so happens that the more you try to forget something the more it keeps popping up in your mind. However no matter what happens we must always try to win over bad memories.

  3. That’s life as it is and as lived
    Annoyingly disturbing yet like bubbles it comes and goes. The best thing to do is to erase them from memory and concentrate on the good things of life
    And what God offers as compensation for the tired mind full of complexity
    Congrats for this revelation of pursuing discomforts
    Well composed

  4. Thanks Ms Diwakar for your comment & appreciation of the poem