The Season Is a Reason for Life

The blessings of nature in Spring rejuvenate zeal

Preceding season ever enthralls me with its reel

The parched earth fills with the scent of scenery

And brings cheerful smiles and lots of greenery!

 See those leafless branches, and skidding cars

To roam around the parks, the naughty children spar

Frozen lakes with no tides depress me for a while

Sports are ignored by the energetic youth, hostile

With hopelessness, despair, and depressing mood

To the beauty all around in the winter, I’m glued

The dew drops like whitish pearls warmly greet

The chilly brownish earth kisses my tender feet

Life on the earth appears difficult in a time

But inspiring hope to move further is prime

Spring certainly springs the energy to run

And winter pleasantly welcomes everyone!


~Setaluri Padmavathi

 Hyderabad, India

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