Blessed is the solitariness,

A temperate world of deep contemplation.

Chaotic flow of inner incoherence

Realization and justice of ongoing conflicts.

Condensation of diffused thoughts—unexpected

Disarrayed but spontaneous.

Sometimes the spine of confusion furls;

Strikes obscure awe for dry thoughts.

Rumination down the memory lane—

Yearning for the days yet to come.

Understanding of life’s philosophy

Pangs of disappointment follow by

The smile of triumphant.


Solitariness—a canvas to artist;

Nothing but a creative span

Pulsation in-depth; introspection too

Sometimes wander to wonders

Come across Dolphin-gods; unageing intellects

Or that ‘holy fire, perne in a gyre’.

Free self achieves vast—

Lament not for solitary confinement—

Solitariness—the manifestation of meditation!


~Arunava Roy

Murshidabad, India

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