Sarabhai Sense Season 2: Episode 2

by Nourin N.K

I happened to meet our darling Sarabhai on my way back from the library. Though she was super busy with other people’s life matters, I could luckily have a chit-chat in between. Coincidentally through that talk, I got some interesting news to share with you all. And guess what? Our Sarabhai is looking for a Sanskari Bahu (daughter-in-law) for her foreign-educated boy. So to make it all crystal clear, I have decided to share the conversation to my dear readers.
The conversation went like this:
Sarabhai: “Even though my son is Foreign educated, I can’t tell you he’s so shy that he doesn’t even look at women straight in their eyes.
Me: “Aww….How sweet”.
Sarabhai: “He’s…..!
Not just that, he’s still so innocent and childish that he needs me to carry out everything”.
Me: Everything?
Sarabhai: Yeah….Things like to press his dress, to settle his room,…. even to find his socks.
Me: Aww….I wonder how he managed everything all alone when he was abroad. It must have been hard right?
Sarabhai: Oh! Can’t tell you how much. I tried to hire a housekeeper for him. But since it is so pricey there, my pinch penny husband cancelled the idea.
Me: Oh! That’s sad.
Sarabhai: Hmm……let us leave those nightmarish talks now….What I am telling is,
Since he’s settled now, I am looking for a Sanskari lady for my boy. A woman who can “fulfill all his needs” from now on.
Me: That’s incredible. We easily get a housekeeper here I think. And there wouldn’t be any trouble with the cost as well.
Sarabhai: No No No! You are mistaken. I am talking about finding him a life partner. I am sure a Sanskari bahu can satisfy “his needs”.
Me: Wo…..ow…Great solution as always Sarabhai.
Sarabhai: Thank you thank you. So please do inform me if you find any through your colleagues or friends.
Me: Sure. I’ll try my best. By the way, you must be looking for a working woman right?
Sarabhai: NO!…..I mean, he’s not interested in a working woman. He wishes to have all her attention solely on him and the family, rather than work and goals…..After all he’s earning well and we have all the luxury to offer. Then why would she bother to earn.
Me: But Sarabhai, some women work for passion and more importantly for themselves. Besides, as much as I can recollect, didn’t you give a wonderful speech in favour of working women?….On last woman’s day celebration I guess.
Sarabhai: I….I…ye…ah…I….know….and I support that….But this is my son’s choice you know….I can’t deny it. In the end, it’s his life.
Me: Yes yes…his life, his choices. I understand.
And that was how we ended the deep conversation we had about his boy. And I am sure the speech she gave in support of working women would have slipped out of her mind. Otherwise she wouldn’t have agreed upon her boy’s demands. That’s the only reason I find here. I can even swear on that because our Sarabhai is never a hypocrite.
I am looking forward to searching Bahu for our Sarabhai soon. And I have my humble request to my readers to help her for the same.

About the Author:

Nourin N K from Kerala, graduate in English language and literature, author of the book “Untying My Wings” ( Currently pursuing MA in English language and literature under Calicut University from Madappally Arts and Science college. In quest of discovering the untold versions of human story with nature. 

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