I like to see the Sunrise;I ought to wake up early.Else, I will not catch up the beauty of rising Sun,And miss the unfolding of the beautiful day.                                                                    I adore the Queen of the night;I shall walk through the night to seduce her.In silence, travel alone;Travel the furthest place, and still remain bright and glorious.                                               I shall silently walk into the woods,Listen to the sing-song voice of birds and sweet voices of fauna.If not in the woods and its livelihoods,Where do I search for a better place to rejoice?                                               I shall learn to be like a river;Fast and unstoppable, and mindless.Maintain the rhythm and melody of the flow,Tuned to the topography of the places.                                               I feel shy to look at the stars kissing,But I admire their intimate romance even in the crowd.There is genuine love that glitters,For the heart that stares with full passion and compassion.                                               I shall take care of my present,So that I live with the dreams in future.The past is not my mirror for the present and future,I must look at the future as a mirror in itself.
~Yeshi Nidup

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