Rain in Mumbai!

A bliss was it to be in Mumbai!
In that city of innumerable dreams,
Flying high, cruising high, living high
Amidst the hugeness of thought!
Massive city, bubbling with lively images,
Images that speak, hear, and respond!
A grateful heart!
The corridors of hospitality,
Unfamiliar faces to be familiar soon,
Unfamiliar roads, autorickshaws,
A language pleasant to the ear,
Purposeful search, meeting people!
Evenings spent in Juhu Chowpatty!
Spices felt, melting in the mouth,
Pav-bhaji, Bada Pav, Bhajji Pav, Tawa rice…
The Sun across the Arabian Sea…  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj standing strong!
Busy but peaceful, flamboyant life!
Waiting for the moment!
The enterprise in hand, the reason to be,
Waiting at the crossroads of Gulmohar!
Towards Andheri, looking up above
The first drop of Mumbai rain, a myth…
Soothing, yet worrying…
They said, it was to rain in Mumbai then…
A month later,
To pen, “Rain in Mumbai! “
                              ~ Debdoot Mukherjee
                                Kolkata, India

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