Month: July 2022


Shravan Clouds

Bundled in woolens sipping on hot tea at the base camp felt their mission was near complete last leg of the journey to make it to Amarnath sacred pilgrimage for the Shaivites                                     […]


कोख का क़र्ज़

तेरी कोख का क़र्ज़, ढोती रही सारी उम्र, कोई कुबेर न मिला, जिसकी पूँजी, यह क़र्ज़ उतार दे।                                              और आज मुड़कर देखूँ,  तेरी दैवीय मुस्कान में, अनकही परतें […]


The Sri Lanka Lesson

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal The economic meltdown in Sri Lanka and the chaos that ensued has a very important lesson for populist leaders. Listen when it’s time to listen but unfortunately, the tendency to have hubris and ears beyond the range of hearing criticism can evaporate the power in […]


No Poetry Here

News one corner – malnutrition death of a farmer : Hardly any reader even put a cursory glance in the newspaper Amongst thousands of population  daily found casualty A death in a nondescript remote village appears nonentity; May Ram or Rahim be whatever the deadman’s name Obviously peripheral his livings […]


Nature Walk

Strolling down the lonely woods Dappled sunshine my sole companion Solitude as my natural book I Enjoyed that cool breeze                                                             […]


Being a Woman

Social stigma “Being a woman”, Overenthusiastic stuff’s “shoreline of norman”.                                              ‘Mother creature’ absorbs itself ‘s inheritance in that “word”, But societal abrogation, creating absurdness abrupt it “Forward”.   […]


Early Morning World

The early morning world, a smooth, round pearl, curled up in an oyster, emanating a lively luster.                                                    Enclosed within the core, holy prayers, hopes, aspirations, […]



In search of being independent, I have lost my childhood. In search of a man who will Take all the responsibilities, I have lost someone Who has unconditional love. In search of stable earnings and money, I have lost my dreams. I have lost my adherence to art. In search […]