Month: July 2022


The Night of October ‘72

by Meghali Daniel Sadori shivered as she recalled the events of that evening – events that will forever remain etched in her mind. She had been eleven years old then – an innocent victim, who happened to be in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Nevertheless, it had […]



Rain is nice to watch from  balconies On leisure days, sipping flavoured sweet tea Not when it catches you unaware, on the road Drench and wet your only pair of shirts and coats.                                   […]


A Joyous Environment

Last few days, the incessant rain had been lashing down on our desert village. In the balmy breeze, sunshine and intoxicating air, I felt as if heaven had descended on earth. The inhabitants of our village were all geared up to enjoy the autumn season. My village is my paradise, […]


Starry Conversation…

A lonely star with a lonely poet plays a game, As the poet keeps penning his poetry in her name, She dances in the bed of cumulus clouds, Poetic thoughts ooze out with no doubt.                               […]



Every morning she came Chirping jumping flitting From window pane to top tree branches sitting                                                          Never ever was she late Did her […]


The Screams of Sati

And one unfortunate night, A storm occurred in that village, The storm was a storm in the virtue of life And not a natural calamity! The storm took away her everything- The storm came as a bane into her life, Causing a curse on her, Tormenting all the happiness written […]



I walked on the thorns of life, I bled to my tolerance, I wept bitterly, I didn’t speak a word, I was silent again. I loved you once, as the mellowed dusk set in, as the birds flew to their cotes, as times elapsed – a little maturity was gained, […]



Self-exploration prevents limitations. Shades of appreciation around us, reject complications. Ultimately, we observe the world of opportunities.                                                              ~Hema S Palakkad, […]