Month: July 2022


A Reverie

One day, My image in my mirror Began to speak to me I got startled, as I noticed an ‘image-in-image’, Emanating an angelic glow Surely should be My Beloved wife, My Divine Saint, Now in Heaven, Holding a Seat in God’s regime.                 […]


India and England ODI Series

by Deepanshu Srivastava In the recent tour of England, India played one – held test match of the test – series of which four tests were played last September, three T 20 Is and three ODIs. In these matches, team India, comprising mostly of young cricketers, showed excellent cricketing skills […]


The Season Is a Reason for Life

The blessings of nature in Spring rejuvenate zeal Preceding season ever enthralls me with its reel The parched earth fills with the scent of scenery And brings cheerful smiles and lots of greenery!                                   […]


My Angel

An auspicious bright early morning, all over pleasant cool breeze was flowing, The melodious tune of koel was trying to soothe my pain of your arrival. My expectations were pitching up with agony and anxiety. Each of my breaths was exhaled out with the chanting of the Almighty. Finally, the […]



Did you ever believe in miracle Maybe not at least till today Should I tell you a secret, just Fall in love, won’t regret the day                                                 […]



Timeless is the fire within, Burning since a hundred creations, Taking shapes, forms & moods, Having unique interpretations. Inception cannot be known of it, It fits into places & bodies, Depth & darkness must be endured, To know the hub, where God is, It comes & passes in a millisecond, […]


Rain Rich July End

Rain rich July end My red Fiat Punto under the clouds, I sit listening to the rain drops pattering on  car roof, The patter has no pattern It had always been music to my ears Like childhood music The patter patter, the patter patter The patter patter years, Association of […]


Murky Night…

Quilt in the blanket of the murky night, My thoughts are having a suffocating fight, For I have no one to converse with, So, I talk with the wall and it’s obsolete dirt.                                   […]


छलावा या यथार्थ …

वीरान से जंगल खोखले दरख़्त बेज़ुबान सी फ़िज़ा नीरस सा सफ़र बंजर ज़मीन सूखी बेजान नदियाँ कपोत घेरे में लिपटा हुआ आसमाँ क्या ऐसा होगा हमारा जहाँ ?                                          भरोसा एतबार […]