Month: July 2022


A Lost Soul

by Gomathi Sridevi How do you feel when everyone is avoiding you? No one wants to be my partner in a project. No one wants to sit next to me in the food court. No one wants to have a conversation with me. I am afraid that one day you […]


Autocratic Blemish

Perhaps the only treasure we got, the most valuable of all. Reckless human race forgot, The need to recall.                                                           Once its […]


A Marriage Ceremony

Marriage is a long term relationship between two individuals. It is belief that marriage is made in heaven and considered to be a turning point in an individual’s life. The marriage lays emphasis on three essential values: happiness, harmony, and growth. An engagement ceremony is to bless the couple, who are […]



I was simply treading the soft grass, The white flowers were swaying back and forth, Out of sprightliness. The clouds gave its gold, to the departed sun of the sky! The wayside pansies were born, letting hasty glances pass by- Nature had a plan, a bit different from the rest: […]