Month: July 2022


Divine Love

If we meet on a love date of our souls, we will love the most irresistible, removing the colour difference in clothes and laying the body, covering the body… We won’t be concerned with face, features or fairness; We’ll be assimilated by the soul’s embrace… whose sweet melody is not […]


I Remember!

I remember the words of yours how harsh they were! I remember the eyes of yours how burning they were; I remember the face of yours how cruel their echoes were, I couldn’t stay a bit, I wanted to be, though, you simply didn’t allow me, your postures refused to […]


The Unconquerable Visions

Flashes of visions dance before her eyes Moving like a fast forward video… They play upon her mind Unnerved & confused She looks for answers Tries to find the truth behind them But .. Her unanswerable queries Remain deep seeded in her mind Mostly they prove to be true The […]


A Self Hypothesis

The silence around me is heavy, The silence in me, deafening; The unsolicited advices, whispers, screams, My mind and existence they’re threatening.                                          How do I embrace these caverns in me […]


Banyan Tree

A strangler fig Grows from seeds that land on other trees Roots come down to smother their host And grow into stout branch supporting pillars Huge sturdy figure making a statement An ecological lynchpin Producing vast crop of figs Providing food to many species Birds, bats, and other creatures Plants […]


I Am a Rainbow

I am a rainbow;The most coulourful and beautiful creation.I exist gracefully for a brief period though,Giving joy and happiness to all the beholders.No one can create or destroy me;I exist when conditions favour me.The little drop of rain and some rays of shine play their role,To artistically paint the dome […]


The Land

by Deepanshu Srivastava Farmers in Siliguri, a district of Darjeeling situated in the north of West Bengal have been facing a serious problem of selling their lands forcibly to a lobby of powerful and super-rich money-lenders and then were compelled to work as farm laborers in their lands. This story […]


The Suspended Parliament

by the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal How do you discuss inflation, unemployment, and concerns of people in a house where the opposition is either suspended from parliament or engaged in pitch battles over comments of an opposition member for the newly elected president? The sad part is that over the years […]


और पापा चले गए

हज़ारों बातें हमसे करने वाले मम्मी की डांट से हमेशा बचाने वाले बस एक बार कहने पर हर ख्वाहिश पूरी करने वाले जाने कब खामोश हो गए हमें छोड़ कर जाने कैसे चले गए|                                 […]