Month: July 2022


Hope Forever

Always think of marvelous things Relish the happy moments Toss out the nasty words Reminisce complimentary comments                                                        Never nurture the negative ideas Positive […]



Butterfly, Butterfly fly in the sky, Don’t feel shy. You evolve from a Caterpillar, But you are beautiful and popular.                                                     Of all hues flapping […]



Cultivated the beans in the open sunlight. Crushed into powder, packed for the consumers! The hard toil is rewarded at the end of the day. Bring smile on the face, contentment!                                       […]


Twenties: A Phase of Self Discovery

A mystifying decade Full of ambitions, expectations, and dreams, Your twenties, Is a spin where you experience epiphanies, heartbreaks, and some silent screams. Feeling every teensy thing profoundly, You become fragile and vulnerable. Fantasizing and losing your heart, Secluding yourself from the realm of here and now, At times you […]


Surveillance All The Time

Is it a free world we live in? Under constant glare and surveillance, Each person, all aspects of life; Every aspect of privacy under the scanner, Infringes basic rights of privacy of individuals, Right from the skies, cameras in space; Keeps a watch on aspects hitherto uncovered! It’s surveillance all […]


Rain in Mumbai!

A bliss was it to be in Mumbai! In that city of innumerable dreams, Flying high, cruising high, living high Amidst the hugeness of thought! Massive city, bubbling with lively images, Images that speak, hear, and respond!                           […]


Birth of a Night

by Hridi It was a night of chase. It was a night. Exquisite danger: a tigress chasing us chasing a tigress. A night of many stars. Of terrible darkness, darkness smelling of the forest. A forest purged in darkness. A night of monsters, of angels, of mad meaningless fear, of […]



Silence doesn’t need Any means to speak, Or anyone to speak to It’s complete in itself.                                                                Silence amidst chaos, […]