Nature’s Devastation

Held together with mud and lava,
Rose up the Himalayas,
On Continental shift,
Forty to fifty million years ago!
Washed since, weathered the storm;
Man-made excesses, smashes it up,
In a punitive mood, Nature is;
Cloud bursts now often, rising ever before!
Frequent deluge, washed its glue;
That held the rocks for all so long,
Unstuck; rocks and stones, free to roll,
It’s raining rocks and stones, on a free roll!
Problems now common, seen World over;
Landslides in Kinnaur in HP, Noney, Manipur;
Huge loss of lives, ungainly activities of man;
Showing up, time and again!
It’s ‘Celestial dance’, call ‘Tandav Nritya’,
A Cosmic-dance, not far away, how havoc could it be;
The Creator and Destroyer zeroing in,
Punishes man, wrecking it!
Would it be the shortest stay for the most intelligent on Earth?
Ends up punishing one and all,
The mistakes done over years, giving telling blows;
Sewing it together, only act now to do;
Salvable as of now, Nature needs your time!
Warning signs, known for long, lousy ways;
Overlooking all along, fighting for reasons,
Is it binge-watching, wasting time, knows it’s out of hand?
Down with hurricanes, floods, cold front, drought in US,
Drought and famines in horn of Africa,
Wild fires in US, Siberia and Australia,
Rising temperatures, that melt the glaciers;
Polar ice caps, snow wherever it be,
Rising sea levels, drowning cities away;
Predicted, not many years as of now!
US Environment Protection Agencies on Clean Air Act,
Jolted with Apex Court’s Order this day!
Favouring Coal Companies, Carbon emissions uncontrolled;
Economical attention, promoting pollution, fated to be;
Financial gains and comforts, all that matters!
World on mercy of the strong and mighty!
Shouldn’t be, shouldn’t be;
Time for all to unite, suppressing, not to be!
It’s Nature’s devastation, effectuating now;
Of no consequence, finances would be;
Formal bankruptcy, stocks going to zero;
It’s Nature change forcing efforts to a naught;
Unpleasant challenges, rocking the World;
Time to check one by one, be safe, live safe;
Nature cares a damn, clueless, no time to be!
Indiscrimination, challenging the Nature;
Living with comforts is after all at a cost!
~Dr. Rajesh Chauhan
 New Delhi, India


  1. Wow beautifully expressed 👍🌹🌷💐

  2. Wow, beautifully expressed 👍🌺🌷💐

  3. Very nice. 👍👍

  4. Very nice. 👍👍 keep it up

  5. Very well done! You have a natural talent..

  6. Timely, will anyone listen. Sending rockets to space testing missiles and nuclear weapons, must be controlled. Anybody not complying should be completely isolated, be it China, US, Russia or anyone.